El Ten Eleven- My Only Swerving

While in college, I kept a sticky note on my desktop of songs I would hear and liked while I listened to Pandora. It’s been almost 3 years since I’ve graduated and I’ve decided to listen to the songs on that list. Makes me a little sad that I haven’t been listening to music as much as I used to.

These songs I’m listening to are causing major nostalgia. Good or bad? I don’t know. Maybe it’s a good thing I can’t look at my old Xanga entries. Music will always be a time machine for me. Certain songs will “give me the feels.” I hate that saying but it’s true. You could probably ask about a time in my life, especially during college, and I will have a song pop in my head that would remind me of that time. I think that’s my favorite thing about music. The feelings and the memories a simple tune and lyrics can give you.


25 and a week

When I was younger, I never really thought about what I was going to do for my major birthdays. My 16th and 18th birthday were spent having a big party at my house with close friends and people who were my friends at that time. I spent my 21st birthday, single, and at a party Sharmaine threw me at her sister’s townhouse. My birthdays in between weren’t celebrated crazily either. I can’t remember my 17th, 19th was spent at my then boyfriend’s house and I was given a birthday cake made of Mcnuggets with sweet and sour sauce poured on top. (which was awesome), but my 20th was actually fun. I had a “surprise” birthday party which was spent doing puzzles and hanging out. No pressure to drink or anything. Aubrey also surprised me! (I always want to spend my birthday with Aubrey) My 22nd birthday was my first one spent with Richard. I think I try so hard to be that person that likes to go out and drink and get kinda wasted so I went to Chemistry. It also helped that Richard’s close friend is a bartender there. But guess who was not drunk? This girl. It’s just not me. I seriously cannot for the life of me remember what I did for my 23rd birthday. But for my 24th, Katrina had a joint birthday party for her brother Leo and me. It was nice. The day of my real birthday I had close friends come over to eat palabok and chicken nuggets. That night I went out with Charm, Sharmaine and Richard to Granby Street. This year for my 25th, I did exactly what I wanted to do, with no obligations to invite people or the pressure of going out and drinking. I had my close friends come over and we did Nicole Trivia. I didn’t take shots or get fucked up. I drank vodka punch and enjoyed everyone’s company. I’m not going to judge people who do enjoy going our or drinking and getting drunk for their birthday. Celebrate your life anyway you want to. 26 doesn’t seem like a big deal birthday but I’m going to try and make every birthday a big deal. Not in a selfish, all about me sort of way, but in an appreciative way. I should care about me more. I’m truly blessed for everything I have and living another happy and healthy year. I’m going to spend my 2015 not caring what others think, taking more picture and living in the moment.

I know I know I know

Today was quite eventful! Had work til 1 and went home when I got off. I waited for Sharmaine to come home from church. When she did, I picked her up and we headed over to Zeke’s, it was her first time! I had their yummy tuna sandwich on toasted sourdough while she tried the spicy poke bowl. After we ate we took the, literally, 3 second walk next door to Back Bay. I bought her the $5 flight. I was little sad they didn’t have their summer shandy but I wasn’t going to drink that much anyway. Sharmaine had their IPA, lager, ale and some golden something something. I was little upset with the bar tender. He didn’t even explain the different kinds of beers that were on the flight today. We were supposed to go to the Ocean Front when we finished to walk around and enjoy the beautiful weather but I wasn’t really in the mood so we headed home. But first we had to stop by Farm Fresh so Sharmaine could get ice since she was called out to the ALS ice water challenge. When we got to there house I helped her and filmed the video which she posted on IG a little after. We watched Boy Meets World and I started to get tired so I went home. I watched some Brideday and took a nap. I woke up to my mom asking if I was going to church with her and my dad. I got ready real quick and we headed to mass. On the way home my mom mentioned going to Alvin’s mom’s viewing. I was unaware they were going straight there after and wanted to go home. I was wearing jeans AND a red shirt. My dad was a little upset but I would have felt  disrespectful. I ate pasta and watched Beastly. Richard called me and asked if I wanted to go out for drinks. I headed over to his house and ate adobo with him and watched more Brideday. We ended up just laying in bed together and not going out which I’m completely fine with. I was asked the other day what I was doing this weekend and I said maybe see Aria and Elsa. The next question was if I was going to do anything fun. But that is fun to me! I don’t need to be out all the time and drink and do whatever. I’m pretty sure that’s not what the question was implying but I love staying in. I love having game night with my friends or just laying in bed with Richard. He’s currently playing some new game on his phone while I’m typing this and listening to Tegan and Sara. It reminds me of high school. Maybe I’ll update more often, for me.